Why I am doing this?

I’m sitting outside the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. It’s a warm December day, a pleasant break from the usual arctic temperatures more common to this time of year. I’m relaxed and taking in the sun, watching people rushing around during their lunch break, while I’m enjoying a plate of raw Pad Tai from my favourite raw food café. I feel amazing and am present to how blessed I am in this moment.

You see, two months earlier I was intubated and in an induced coma in the Intensive Care Unit of Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver. I had moments where I was unsure of whether I was still alive. By the grace of god and the most amazing caregivers that attended to me, I survived. I had a profound new understanding of how precious life is. However, due to the massive amount of drugs and antibiotics, I also had a screwed-up digestive system; it was hard to taste food and my stomach was in constant pain. I went on a two week long cleanse, started taking pro-biotics and decided to try eating raw vegan food.

So, back to the St. Lawrence Market… I’m sitting here, enjoying life to the fullest and it hits me like a ton of bricks: why not devote my life to my well being? In the next moment, I’m thinking, While I’m doing that, why not contribute to the well being of all the people in my life! Why not learn more about this? Why not start my own raw food café?

And now I present to you… HooRaw Café—a place for raw vegan food, stimulating conversation and fun!

HooRaw Café is designed to be a cozy place for people to gather, enjoy healthy food and feel at home; a place to share knowledge and learn from each other; a place to display art and play music a community gathering place.

While the physical place and time for the opening of HooRaw is still to be determined, I’m using “hooraw-cafe.com” to start HooRaw as an online café to share recipes and everything I’m learning about the raw vegan lifestyle.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and contributions. Let’s all be well together!