The Bounty of Loutet Farm

I just got home after picking up my weekly supply of fresh produce from my favoured  neighbourhood project, the Loutet Farm in North Vancouver. I stumbled across this little gem earlier this summer and I have been making my weekly trek to Loutet Park to get my fill of fresh from the garden produce and to support this awesome neighbourhood initiative. I think it is a secrete worthwhile sharing, especially with my North Vancouver friends. However, wherever you reside, projects like this are everywhere… just look it up.


Local Food, Local Soils, Local Folks

Loutet Farm, a sustainable social enterprise that facilitates social, environmental, economic and educational benefits for the community is the first step in building a plant to plate local food system on the North Shore.

Founded as a unique partnership between the North Shore Neighbourhood House, the City of North Vancouver and the University of British Columbia, Loutet Farm is an exciting project designed for local folks to become involved in and better understand food production and to have greater access to locally grown produce.

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